Hi! I’m Zoe Hyde, founder of Zoe Hyde Transformations.

I am an international author, podcast host, motivational speaker and transformation coach.


I truly believe that we all have a lion living inside of us. That small voice, that passion, and that drive, that we often bury away due to fear or lack of self belief. In order to feel truly happy and fulfilled in our lives, we need to dig deep to open up the cage and trust the calling of our inner lion!


It’s probably pretty easy to look at me and assume that I “have it easy”, that I’ve always been confident, and that I don’t have any hang-ups. 

But what you don’t see is the blood, sweat and tears I put in behind the scenes to change myself from the shy, red-faced girl, to the woman you see today! 

I used to feel invisible, I used to lack clarity and direction, and I used to believe I would never amount to greatness. 

When I decided to raise my standards, to set the bar higher, and to finally listen to that little voice inside me which had been there all along, I uncaged my inner lion, and I haven’t looked back since!

I love to challenge people on their beliefs and identities, to help them overcome what it is that’s been holding them back, and to create a space for them to get honest about what they want. 

I love that moment when I see transformation occur; it’s like a light bulb flicking on! 

They suddenly gain clarity and can see WHY they have been self-sabotaging or behaving in a way they don’t fully understand, and realise that they can, in fact, ask for what they truly want, and achieve it!


Amongst all of this, I understand how to help people get the best from themselves, because I have already walked that path myself.

No transformation is easy, but it certainly is worth it if it means you can begin to listen to that voice, deep inside, which is asking for more. More purpose. More happiness. More fulfillment. And more real-ness.



Zoe will be the MC of The Health and Happiness Summit. She will also be facilitating workshops on altitude and attitude, limiting beliefs and identities, and overcoming fear to enable participants to break out of their comfort zones.

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Life is exactly 
what you dare to make it...


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