Your feelings of Isolation are not unique to you ...

I stumbled across this piece I wrote long before COVID-19, and long before we found ourselves in the situation we are currently living in. However, I hope that this piece helps you to find some answers through this time, and reminds you that it's Ok to not know where to go from here. If you need someone to talk to, please send me a message. _________________________________________________ "Your feelings of isolation and confusion are not unique to you. Sometimes we can look up and find ourselves so lost that we can’t see the path amongst the bushes. But sometimes, the path that we cannot find is just what we need; to provide an opportunity for us to rebuild, for us to do meaningful work, and to live from a place of values. We can quickly realise that we don’t always have to see what’s ahead, even though we want life to be perfectly mapped out. But what new experiences can come from the feelings of isolation and loss? Perhaps you’ll meet someone, or stumble across something that finally makes you feel alive again! So remember, there’s always a helping hand and a flashlight in these times, just remain authentic to what’s in your heart and you will find the way."

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