Updated: May 25

I’ve come to find that skydiving is one of the most transformational experiences you can do! So, with that in mind we took a group of our awesome members along to share that same incredible experience!


“The experience of skydiving has let me let go of some bad feelings that have been with me for a very long time since child hood. Thank you Zoe for giving me the opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone and letting go

“Being given the opportunity to go skydiving with positive friends not only showed me I can do amazing things but my boys. I have been a mum that says off you go you can do it.. BUT I never did it myself. Now! I can too!”

“My skydiving adventure has shown me what’s possible when surrounded by positive encouraging and like minded people: to overcome fears that I now question were ever fears, to be an adventurous and happy mum and to be able to just let go and trust.”

“I can do this.... yes!! I committed. Excited and in disbelief in myself that I would actually do something dangerous. The day came, I was challenging my negative thoughts, trying to overcome my anxiety but it got the better of me, fearful to the near point of crying in the plane. I then jumped, I swore, I screamed and then felt instant elation, in that air rushing moment that I actually did it. The parachute went off - I was breath taken, speechless and so soooo proud of myself. I can’t stop smiling and sharing my excitement. It’s the real start of living and not just existing. I feel unbeatable, fearless and ready to take on anything that’s thrown at me. And I’m ready to jump again”

“Letting go of control and free falling out of the sky was one of the most empowering, incredible & crazy feelings I’ve ever felt. There is something about falling from 15000ft that is somewhat transformational. From the girl that left the ground to the girl that came back to earth I felt 110% closer to where I want to be & to be able to do it with a group of amazing likeminded women was really what made it as amazing as it was.”

Wow – I’m so proud of all of you! What a day!

Bring on our next Skydiving team!!

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