Updated: May 24

What does personal training and mentoring have in common?

I’ll give you a hint; they are more similar that you probably realise!

I have been coaching people in all forms of transformation over the last four years, and over this time, I have observed a lot of “human” behaviours, faced challenges, learnt, and grown in both wisdom and skill.

Training someone in their body and training someone in their mind, are still quite similar – except one is performed in the gym, and one is not!

As I step into the space of mentoring, to help achievers become more courageous in their lives, personally and professionally, I thought it important to remind you what exactly is involved.

- Just like personal training, being mentored on your mindset is (you guess it), HARD!

It’s uncomfortable. It hurts. And it sometimes makes you cry.

You need to do the work both when you are “motivated”, and when you are not; because true success is measured by your always actions, not your sometimes actions!

- You need to build great habits, and break old ones!

You can’t keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome. You need to understand WHY you do what you do, where it stems from, and put the work in to making small 2% shifts forward.

- You need to be consistent, not perfect.

Perfection isn’t sustainable, it’s as simple as that! Sometimes life will throw us a curve ball, and without being able to reset and adapt, we can’t move forward in what we are doing. Aim for consistent, every day, and celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small!

-You need to work on both what you are good at, and what you struggle with.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of avoiding the things we suck at. But, how can we improve if we continue to avoid? We need to be great at what we are good at, and we better at what we are bad at – simple as that!

-You need to stay accountable.

The reason you have a trainer or mentor is to help you stay on course, and learn from someone who has walked the same path. Your trainer or mentor knows where you are avoiding, when you are procrastinating, and what you need to be focussing on, and when. This is because they have done the hard work just like you are doing now, and they understand the tumultuous road you are on.

-You need to have heart, and be emotionally attached to your purpose or “why”

Without a reason to do the work, we simply won’t do it. If we don’t listen to and act on what our heart and soul is calling us to do, it becomes harder to do what you need to do. Our minds like to operate in a way which enables us to do the work that makes SENSE to us. So, without a purpose or a reason why, any intentions will often be short lived.

Are you ready to live courageously in 2020?

Then contact me today to learn more about my mentoring program, Operation Altitude, and how I can help you live out your dreams!

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