The woman in the mirror …

Updated: May 16

Sometimes she roars gallantly upon seeing her reflection.

Other times, she shrinks and hides for risk of truly seeing herself.

Her mind plays tricks on her, zoning in on all the parts of her that make her feel less than, while neglecting to see behind the armour she built over years of torture standing in front of her mirror.

But it’s in these moments of quiet, when the chatter stops, and the light shines on her, that she looks herself in the eye and truly sees herself for the first time.

She sees beyond the imperfections, and beyond the scars, and catches her breath when the reflection staring back at her is pure. Unique. Courageous. Her true soul.

She remembers in these moments to remain patient, to slow, and to focus on looking beyond what’s in front of her; so that she can see the glimpse of who she truly is instead.

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Life is exactly 
what you dare to make it...


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