Speaking isn't about me or my feelings, it's about my audience...

Updated: May 18

In school, I was never a confident speaker.

In fact, I would be so nervous I would be shrink down in my seat praying the teacher would forget about me when it came to oral presentations.

My face would be bright red, my heart would beat out of my chest, and I would fumble my words.

I hated the spotlight.

But now a major component of what I do centres around speaking and presenting.

And guess what?

I bloody love it!

I feel my heart rate increase and that surge of adrenalin hit my body as I prepare myself to present and connect with my audiences.

Sure, the physiological symptoms may be the same as when I was in school, dreading standing up in front of people.But the situation has been reframed from fear to excitement!

You see, it would be easy for me to avoid speaking, to stay small, and to simply coach online or hide behind a webinar.

But those who know me know I love a good challenge.

And to me, my greatest challenge of all when it comes to speaking to an audience is to take the pressure off myself and just have FUN!

We can get so caught up in making things perfect, or delivering the perfect punch line, that we can easily forget about the sole reason we are there - to connect and inspire action.The audience don't need to hear the perfect quote to use on the gram, what they truly need is to know that you are human, just like them, and that by listening to someone human, someone who constantly screws up, and someone just as normal as them, that perhaps they can do it too!

I have a few special gigs coming up soon which I am excitedly preparing for, and this serves as a reminder for me to slow down, enjoy, and simply share.

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