Updated: May 25

So you’re out to lunch with one of your friends who has recently started her own weight loss journey. She starts talking to you about how much exercise she’s doing, how many calories she’s eating, how much weight she’s lost….and then she orders the side salad for lunch while you’ve just gone ahead and ordered a main meal!

It’s very easy to be sucked in by noise of those around you when you are on your own journey to health and happiness, especially when those scales just don’t seem to be budging.

It’s easy to start doubting the process, to feel like you should in fact add another cardio session in to your week (even when your trainer said not to), and to cut those portion sizes in half (even though deep down, you understand the importance of eating MORE not less).

It’s easy to forget everything you HAVE accomplished when you see someone else achieving their goal faster than you are because we have always compared ourselves.

It’s easy to forget that the method you are following, and have followed for the last 12 weeks is about sustainable, long term results over a quick fix (because we know that next month when we see our friend she’ll have put the weight back on).

So, next time you feel the need to have a knee-jerk reaction based on something you read or someone you spoke to, talk it through with your trainer. Trust just ONE person to help you achieve your goals, understand the need for education and improving habits over cutting calories, and remember that success is a journey and a quick fix will only get you so far forwards before it flings you backwards again!

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