Moving On & Letting Go ...

Updated: May 24

Embracing change and finding the courage to take the next step is hard, it’s often exhausting, and it requires us to get uncomfortable.

But taking this step toward the new challenges isn’t just about the particular tasks or decisions you need to make to move forwards; it is also about our ability to let go.

We have to let go of the past, of the version of ourselves we have been up until that point, and sometimes, of the people and circumstances that no longer serve our forward momentum.

Grieving the closure of the previous chapter can often be the hardest and most emotional part of moving on to the next stage in our journeys.

We often don’t think of the emotional burden this grief places on us until we create the breathing space to reflect and recover. We can feel nauseated, heartbroken, empty, emotionally “full” and downright tired.

It’s important to give yourself the space you need to sit in this place, to acknowledge it, and to understand it.

Why am I feeling this way?

Why do I feel as if I’m emotionally unavailable right now?

It’s often not until we fully grieve the last chapter that we can find the energy to pick ourselves up again and work on our new path.

And sometimes the fear that we feel toward the future isn’t so much about the monumental tasks ahead of us, but of the change and sacrifices we have made to get to where we are now.

This fear is more about the uncertainty of who we will BECOME, than around what it is we will do.

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