Lessons I learnt from walking through fire

Updated: Jun 10

Over 18 months ago, I found myself in Sydney standing amongst 7,000 other people, about to walk though searing hot coals. There was no magic, no gimmicks, and no facades. These coals were about 600 degrees Fahrenheit; and I was to walk through them in bare feet.

Up until the split second before I stepped onto the scorching coals, I thought I had it “all worked out”.

I thought I knew who I was as my most authentic self, I thought I knew who I would become, and I had carefully mapped out what was possible for me, and what was definitely not. Even though deep down I dreamed of speaking on stages to thousands of people, much like I had watched Tony Robbins do that day, I never in a million years actually believed the idea as it entered my mind. But yet there I was, finally believing in myself with every cell of my being as I prepared to step up and embrace what was on the other side of my fire walk.

I trusted. I let go of the what If’s. And I knew that if I could believe in myself enough to survive this experience completely unharmed; then maybe, just maybe, I could be and achieve all of the things I dared not to say out loud.

As I planted my foot on the burning coals, exhaled, and began my walk, I was overcome with a sensation of cold on the soles of my feet. My self-belief was so strong, and so impenetrable, that what should have felt hot, felt ice cold.

It was, and always will be, one of the most profound and transformational experiences of my life.

Here’s what I learned:

· If your mind believes it, your body will too

· Who you are before the walk, is not the same person you will be on the other side

· If you aren’t “all in”, you won’t succeed

· Visualise your success, then act it out

· You are capable of anything you set your mind to – even the things that once sounded impossible

· There is a special unity and bond which is felt when a group of people come together to revel in each other’s successes

And while most of these lessons are universal to any experience you may have in your life, they serve an important reminder to always believe in YOU, despite what anyone else may think or may tell you.

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