Updated: May 25

It’s easy to fall into the trap of quick fixes, diets and meal plans this time of year!

Your motivation is at an all-time high (which is great), but if you want to lose weight (and keep it OFF this time), then it’s time to address the way in which you go about things!

All diets and meal plans are designed with one thing in mind: changing how you look (your body composition).

However, have you ever stopped and thought about how you FEEL when you’re on the latest fad? Are you falling asleep at your desk in the afternoon? Are your relationships suffering due to your constant “hangries”?

How about the way in which your body FUNCTIONS? Do you find your metabolism has slowed over the course of your diet and you only have to look at food now to feel it piling on to your hips?

If you want sustainable, long term results it’s time to focus on the “Golden Triangle”:

How you look How you function How you feel

In order to change our body shape, we must address what’s going on inside (ie. our metabolism and general health). And in order to create a lifestyle which yields permanent results, we must feel great while we’re doing it (ie. energy levels, sleep quality, stress levels).

Most diets and plans neglect your FUNCTION and FEEL to give you quick, instant results! But what’s the point on having a rocking bod if you feel like shit? Wouldn’t it feel great to permanently drop the weight you’ve been losing and regaining year after year?

Use the Golden Triangle to quickly assess any plan/diet: If it doesn’t address all points of the triangle - proceed with caution! If it does- Rock and Roll baby!

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