Have The Last Four Years Been Wasted??

Updated: May 18

Something I have been asked regularly since closing the doors of my training studio is “Doesn’t it feel like a waste to you?”

I believe that operating and running my studio for the last 4 ½ years was the vessel that got me to where I am today; where I can call myself a writer, a speaker and a mentor.

You see, the skills and abilities that I have now, to work in the area I do, have been developed through navigating the ups and downs in business, through learning what I do love, and what I don’t, and through the courage and resilience I needed to pick myself up each time I “failed”.

Was this time a waste, just because I’m no longer running a studio?

Absolutely not!

Because life is about the journey, not the destination, right?

If all I was consumed with over these last 3 months was that I “wasted” my last 4 ½ years, or that they amounted to nothing, then I would be sorely mistaken.

That business put me on the map.

That business taught me the value of working from a purpose-driven place.

That business developed my self-awareness and my ability to deal with difficult conversations.

And that business taught me most of what I know when it comes to human behaviour.

So, I see the last 4 ½ years as an incredible development tool which was required to get me to where I am today.


I think not :)

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