Fear Or Love?

Updated: May 24

When you have a conversation with someone, are you operating from a place of fear, or love?

I place an extremely high value on authenticity and honesty, but often, when I speak with people, I find that I notice them justifying, bragging or speaking from their ego, instead of that of their true selves.

Unfortunately, in society these days, it can be hard to talk openly with vulnerability because we fear not only judgement from others, but what they could potentially do with the information we share with them.

But why do we continue to speak and live from a place of fear?

We cannot control what someone else will think, say or do, so why do we feel the need to converse in a defensive position right off the bat?

I can tell you now- you will build trust, respect and understanding when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. To be raw. And to be real.

Continuing to operate out of fear will only bring you more of what you don’t want; fear.

So, stop trying to prove yourself or justify yourself, because when you do, you’ll naturally find yourself in situations and with people who allow you to be you, and be authentic.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you spoke from fear, instead of love?

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