Updated: May 24

Something I have noticed of late is how companies, support groups and businesses love to promote their mission statement, their values, and their beliefs, but there seems to be a gap between what they are saying, and what I am seeing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and the emotion left behind by some powerful statements, however it’s damaging to your reputation and brand if you don’t back that up by truly living and breathing those words!

If you want to get noticed for the right reasons, make sure you are walking your talk.

Stop over-promising and under-delivering, and instead write the mission statement that speaks to your heart (and actions) right now, and adjust accordingly as you grow and evolve.

Something I pride myself on is that I create original, authentic content which speaks to my heart and my purpose.

I don’t often re-share old content, and I don’t post external links when I “run out of things to say”.

Why is this?

Because I put myself in a state for creativity and success each and every week.

What matters to me is that I have a voice, and that I have something to say. What I say isn’t just “because”, it is articulated with my audience and their needs in mind.

And so, it frustrates me when my work and my intellectual property is copied by others. Unfortunately, for the one or two posts I do see which have simply been paraphrased, I know there is a handful more which I haven’t seen.

Funnily enough, there’s even been times where I’ve received messages along the lines of “This is great, I’m going to steal it.”

I put my thoughts, my wisdom and my ideas out into the world; and I understand that this can inspire someone creatively with their own content ideas and writing, however it shouldn’t be a blanket copy of my work. Instead, it should be used to share their own thoughts as an add on or rebuttal to my own.

So why does this frustrate me so much?

Because writing is a SKILL!

And it is a skill I have put hours into every single week for the last four years.

It is not easy to remain in a creative head space, particularly between the demands of running a business.

I am constantly switching in and out of creative and analytic mode.

And to do this, I need to put time into me.

I need to sacrifice my mornings for writing (when I am fresh), and I need to ensure my health and wellbeing support my mind and my thinking.

The next time you see a piece of content that you love, and that inspires you; please, please do the writer a favour and either cite or share their original post to show your care and appreciation.

It goes a long way ☺

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