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Updated: May 18

What is it that you think about when your eyes flutter open to the sounds of your alarm each morning?

Excitement, happiness and possibility?

Or frustration, angst and worry?

We live in a world where the latter option is the norm.

Where we are told at a young age to “just find a job to support our families” and all our worries disappear.

But I see the devastation of this mentality in society today.

I see the repercussions of those who think that it’s OK to wake feeling stressed and nervous about the day ahead. Who, each time they walk into the office feels as though a small piece of their soul is torn away from them.

What happens to us, really, when we live just to “do a job” in order to bring in a pay check each week?

Sure, the financial worries may be lessened, but the purpose-fuelled worries are not.

You see, we are all born with an amazing, unique gift.

We are born to contribute to this earth, to grow, to find who we truly are, and to live a life of deep meaning.

But what if what you’ve been told up until this point in your life has been done so to distract you from finding out what it is that makes you special?

What if you have been slowly moulded by society to live in a way that appeases to everyone else’s ideals, but not your own?

And what if your creativity and individuality has been shackled in the hopes to offer you a “safe” life, but not a happy life?

I want to remind you that living for that mundane or that stressful job will add no true enrichment to your life. The only thing it will add is “years of experience” on your resume; but that’s worthless anyway if you don’t yet know what you are in the pursuit of.

I write now to encourage you to think differently.

Because how would your life be different if you woke feeling excited and curious for the day ahead?

What if you realised that you can control how you feel each morning, once you decide to break the shackles of the “norm”?

My life is vastly different than the life I lead 5 years ago.

Sure, I may not have a job that “supports me” to the extent that society will tell me it should; but I do work in a self-made job that supports my visions and goals for the future. A job that grows and evolves as I do, and a job that is an extension of who I am and what’s important to me.

Every day is different.

There is no mundane, no judgement, no workplace bullying; because I make my own rules.

Now tell me, how would you feel if you could do the same?

It’s entirely possible, you just need to find the courage to escape the ordinary.

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