Are You A Fair Weather Client?

Updated: May 18

As a coach and mentor, I find it imperative to commit my clients on a long-term basis to their growth, development and ambitions.

Something I witness often is people who want my help, coaching, and support when they are motivated, when things are rosy, and when they have “time” to work on themselves.

I liken this mentality to the years I spent horse riding.

When I was competitive and goal driven, I would be there rain, hail or shine working my horse, keeping him fit, and refining my skills.

However, when my priorities shifted, when life got busy, and when I became distracted by everything else going on in my life, I became a fair-weather rider.

I would only ride my horse and find enjoyment in it when it was sunshine and blue skies, when my schedule allowed it, and when I felt like it would be an easy and fun activity for me to do.

So, what does this mean when it comes to coaching?

Well, I want to ask you: Do you only want to put in the work when things are sunshine and blue skies?

Or are you willing to make the sacrifices, get uncomfortable, and work on yourself when things are difficult, scary, and rainy?

The problem with being a fair-weather client is that you’ll only do the work when you’re motivated. However, if you have any experience with motivation, you will know that it’s fleeting, and often isn’t there when you truly need it.

If you have big, difficult and exciting goals and ambitions, but you only want to put in the work when it’s comfortable, then how many opportunities are you missing out on to deepen your skills and enhance your growth?

The reason I work with clients on a long-term commitment, such as six months, is because there are many times throughout this period where it will be raining, hailing, and uncomfortable.

There will be times when life is so chaotic that you feel pulled in every direction but the one that’s truly important to where you are going.

And there will be times when you feel like giving up, or taking the easy route because things aren’t working the way you expected.

But this is where the growth and the true transformation occurs – in the rain, when you can’t see through the fog, and when you are the 5% still putting in the work because you can smell and taste the end result you are working toward.

I want to help you when life is messy and fucked up, when you feel like giving up, and when you struggle to find balance and prioritise what’s important.

Because if you can commit to yourself when life is hard and when it’s grey skies, imagine your potential when you see the sunshine again!

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