Updated: May 24


It’s not over yet, but it’s the year I have truly stepped up, lived authentically, and held true to my beliefs, values and needs.

As much as this year has brought me lightness and happiness, it’s brought be darkness too.

This is the year I have achieved dreams and felt immense pride in my work.

But it’s also the year that I have stepped into my gift, my intuition, and my power, and it has shown me people’s true selves and intentions as a result.

I see glimpses of other’s pain left untreated, people’s masks they refuse to lower, and the walls built around people’s hearts for “protection”.

A lot of pain has been deflected onto me instead of facing truths.

Sure, it hurts them less, but it doesn’t resolve anything.

While this pain has stung me temporarily, it has also served an important lesson in letting go.

As much as my will to help other’s is strong, my desire to allow other’s the space to do so themselves is stronger.

Because otherwise, what have they truly learnt?

It would be easy to react to harsh remarks, poor behaviour, and negative energies, but it wouldn’t serve any benefit except for allowing our ego to take over.

And so, I chose to let go and create space for personal growth and reflection.

While I only have two eyes, my gift is that I can see inside your soul.

I see the things you try to hide from the world. And while you may think that walls and barriers and masks will keep you safe; eventually you need to stop running from yourself. And understand that when you finally do, your loved ones will be there with open arms to help you, and I will too.

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