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Are you sick and tired of letting your emotional state fuel poor food choices?

Are you ready to take back control and stop the binge cycle?

The fact of the matter is, we will always have an emotional connection to food – whether it be good, bad or otherwise. But what I hope to give you is some tools you can start implementing today to improve your habit of emotional eating.

1. Change how you view your food choices. Our bodies are our vehicles, if you fill them with a high quality fuel (lean proteins, vegetables, quality carbohydrates, fruits and good fats) they will run well. Fuel them with the economy stuff (frozen meals, take away, chips, icecream) and they’ll run poorly - think energy levels, mental health, sleep and mood. Remember this when you have a strong goal you are working towards – “is this meal going to get me closer to or further from my goal?”

2. Our reactions are just as much a habit as our eating is. Be conscious of your reactions to things in your life you cannot control. We cannot control everything that happens – so let it go and remember we can control how we respond to what happens. If something out of your control is continuing to send you on a downward spiral, it’s time to work on you and your reactions first!

3. What is your usual weapon (food) of choice when it comes to emotional eating? Would could you replace it with which elicits the same feelings yet is a far superior choice? Be mindful when you are eating and aware of when the food no longer becomes satisfying to you.

4. Proximity rules. If you always keep junk in the house, of course you’ll eat it sooner or later! Prevent the problem before it arises by only buying these things for your scheduled “free meals”. (And yes, this may require you having words to your partner about bringing home chocolate and wine on a daily basis).

5. Find an outlet!

The idea is to nip the problem in the bud before it arises. What is something you can do for YOU to reduce the stress and worry in your life? Be aware of your emotional eating “cue” - be mindful and listen so if you feel it coming to the surface you can take some time out before it becomes a problem.

Remember, you are not alone! Emotional eating problems are far more common than you probably realise. But why do we feel we need to use food to gain back our control or make us feel better? What else do you think you could implement to help you at these times that doesn’t involve reaching for the cookie jar?

You won’t fix your problems overnight, but if you can start to become more aware and in tune of why this happens and why you respond the way you do, slowly but surely you can practice making improvements to this habit each time.

I myself are still not totally immune to feeling the need to binge, BUT, I know exactly why I do it now and every time I feel I need to, I become that little bit better at controlling my emotions and making more positive choices – ones that won’t set me back from my goals!

Stop doing the same thing year after year, hoping for a different outcome!

We know that diets don’t work, we know that the 30 day “Summer shred program” won’t give you the body you crave, and we know that training 2 times a day 6 days a week won’t work either…in the long run!

So why are you still surprised and disappointed when you don’t get your results, even when the same thing happened last year?

How about you take a different approach with an entirely new outcome! How about addressing the core reasons you feel the need to have a “quick fix” year in, year out!

…Imagine an outcome which enables you to focus on your health, how you feel and your mindset, while leaving you plenty of time to spend with those you love – yes, It is entirely possible ;)

Women are habitual under eaters, we think we need to train 6 days a week to get results, and if we just eat that salad for lunch we will get those results we crave!


You need to eat MORE, not less. You need to enable your body to work for you (not against you) by shifting the focus to your metabolism, you need to structure your training around your nutrition (Yep, you shouldn’t be training more than 4 hours a week!), and first and foremost- you need to address your habits- those things that are holding you back (and have done for years)!

So how about pledging to do things differently this time?

Because you can get your results and keep them long term, in fact, you’ll find they just get better with time!

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