Updated: May 25

Unfortunately I see it all too often – a new year rolls around and everyone is suddenly inspired and motivated to lose weight and get fit! But the efforts both in the gym and the kitchen are short lived, and by February, most are back to their “old ways” after suffering the effects of burn out and binge eating!

So, here are my top tips to get you off that diet hamster wheel and into a sustainable routine to guarantee long term success!

1. Set realistic, achievable goals and use them as stepping stones to your big, long term goal! If your goal seems impossibly out of reach to you, you’ll end up either not getting started for fear of failure, or not giving yourself enough time to work on your habits in order to achieve (and as a result, you’ll feel the need to rush the process). Identify your WHY, and set small monthly goals to lead you to the big, long term goal.

2. Start slowly and build momentum through each week. We can’t change all our habits overnight, so instead, focus on improving just one thing at a time, and do it well!

3. Match your exercise to your nutrition. There’s no point launching into a 5 or 6 day training plan if you aren’t fuelling yourself enough to meet the energy demands. You’ll end up feeling burnt out and resenting exercise! Instead, do the work in your kitchen first, and slowly increase your training load to match. This way, you’ll get the best possible results from your time spent training.

4. Invest in education, and stop throwing money at meal plans, shakes and detoxes. Building a lifestyle which enables you to live in a body you can be proud of, year round, means working on your habits, mindsets, and relationship with both food and yourself! Jumping from meal plan to meal plan is not only not teaching you anything worthwhile long term, but it’s also neglecting your health and metabolism (both of which we need in good working order to assure long term results)!

5. Stop trying to be perfect! Perfection is boring, it’s miserable, and it’s not something you can do long term! Ditch the mentality of needing to be perfect to get results – because you don’t! I am totally imperfect 10% of my week, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

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