29 Life lessons from me on my 29th Birthday

As I approach my 29th birthday, I am left reflecting on my time so far, and looking back to the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Since beginning my own personal transformation journey some 7 years ago, there’s been some valuable lessons I have both learnt, lived, and stumbled upon.

Here’s 29 of them for you to enjoy while I hit the cake, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate!

1. Stop fearing failure. You won’t develop the resilience you need to get to the next step

2. Don’t do something purely out of spite or revenge. You won’t find happiness there

3. Yes ... chocolate is always the answer

4. The more you hold back, the harder it will become to ever move forward

5. Audit your mindset at least every year, and break down the beliefs and identities that continue to hold you back.

6. You’re allowed to break everything down in order to start again - keep choosing your heart

7. Stop ignoring those niggles or gut feelings. They’re there for a reason

8. Find your passion and use it to inspire others

9. No, you’re not “too much” or “not enough”. You’re perfect as you are - warts and all.

10. If there’s something you feel called to do - follow it

11. Do something that scares you - and survive

12. Self awareness is one of the greatest skills you can acquire

13. Done is better than perfect

14. When you find your “one”, help them, love them, and grow with them. Don’t leave them behind

15. Find one thing each day to be thankful for

16. A healthy body is fundamental to creating a healthy mind

17. Each day you wake up - you have a choice to feel, think, and behave. Choose wisely

18. Do something creative every day

19. If you can’t take responsibility for the things that go wrong, you damn well better not take the credit for what goes right

20. The path to success can be exhausting, brutal, and painful. But it’s worth it

21. Stop conforming

22. Raise your standards.

23. People will occasionally look at you as if you’ve grown another head. Keep levelling up

24. Find time each day to be present

25. Not everyone gets the chance to follow their heart or live their dreams. Do it while you can

26. Don’t spend so much time preparing that you forget to execute

27. If an opportunity comes your way - take it. You can work out the finer details later

28. You don’t have to qualified, educated, or naturally gifted to follow your purpose. You just need a strong work ethic and the will to succeed

29. You’ll reach a time in your life when you’re sick and tired of your circumstances. Do something, instead of just talking about it

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