Do you feel sick of constantly saying “No” to opportunity, when deep down you are screaming “Yes!”?

Do you feel as though you aren’t living up to your full potential, and you’d like to? 

Do you feel like a more confident, courageous, and happier version lives inside of you? 

Sometimes, we just need to find the keys which enable us to open up the cage and unleash our inner lion – our most authentic selves! 

If this sounds like you, book Zoe for a day or evening of listening and learning from someone who has done just this! 

Zoe Hyde is a published author, coach and motivational speaker. Following the launch of her book “Uncage the Lion Within”, Zoe is excited to share with you her key messages which enabled her to achieve all the things she used to think she couldn’t, to say “Yes” even when she was scared, and to live a meaningful and purposeful life. 

You will walk away feeling inspired and empowered to take action and make a positive change in your life, too. 

Suited to:

Business owners, School groups, Women-focussed teams and anyone wanting to make a change to their life.

For quotes and further information, please contact Zoe via email: 

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Life is exactly 
what you dare to make it...


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