Zoe is also available as a freelance writer for your blog, website, magazine or publication.

Her work has been featured in Gippsland Lifestyle Magazine, Gippslandia, The Herd Coworking blog, and she also works as a content producer for a medium sized Gippsland based organisation.



When I’m not mashing my fingers against a keyboard, you’ll find me working on my second book, or supporting other high achievers to find clarity and courage, or to share their message with the world. 


When I published my book, “Uncage the Lion Within” in 2019, I realised very quickly that writing and mentoring was what I wanted to do full time. And so, I closed my personal training and nutrition coaching studio to focus solely on what lit my soul on fire. 


My love of writing didn’t become apparent to me until I started blogging and writing for my personal training business in 2015. Over the years I have refined my skills and style into something which is authentic, conversational, and speaks to the humans reading it. 


If you are a passionate business owner with a desire for producing something authentic and inspiring for your audience and customers, get in touch and we can chat further. While I am well-versed in speaking to a range of audiences, my true passion is writing for purpose-fuelled businesses in the health, wellbeing, lifestyle, and personal development realm. 

“Zoe is real, talented and fully committed to you. Through her inquiry and great questions, I felt confident that Zoe really understood the message I wanted to share through my website. I was mostly impressed by her ability to empower me to contribute and make decisions, confidently.


My once nightmare of a project turned into something I really LOVE! 


I would highly recommend Zoe for her writing skills, time efficiency and ability to speak to a broad audience, her willingness to know about you, and her upbeat and encouraging support!" 


- Bini, One Wholesome Space

"We approached Zoe to create a press release for our upcoming event - and we were completely blown away.


Zoe was not only extremely prompt and professional, but the press release captured exactly what we were trying to convey to our audience. Zoe fleshed out the limited information we gave her and turned it into a truly incredible, personal piece for us to send out to media outlets to really give our event the press we feel it needs.


We would recommend Zoe's services to anyone who needs phenomenal writer to work across their projects."


- Sarah, Wonderment Films

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To find out more, and to talk to Zoe about your next blog, article, or piece of content, please contact her below. 

zoe@zoehyde.com.au  |  Tel: 0431 428 424

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