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I'm Erin A.K.A Lil Boss, one of the trainers here at Zoe Hyde Transformations. 


Do you ever get that feeling when you walk into a place & you instantly feel at home, you instantly feel at ease & you know deep down that this is where you are meant to be?

That’s the feeling I get when I step into ZHT every single day.

Before ZHT I was driven by fear, I was driven by the feeling of not being good enough & I was driven by my past.

Now where do you think that was getting me?

Absolutely no where. I was stuck in this vicious cycle!

When I walked into ZHT, I was greeted with love, support, encouragement & most of all the feeling of acceptance of everything that I am.

I was given the tools to construct the person I am today, and in just 12 months my life has done a full 360 and I’m now running it exactly how I want it.

I’m living my dream; my purpose of helping other people find themselves & help them live the lives they deserve.

At ZHT we are about much more than just health & fitness! We are about finding out who we really are and what’s really standing in our way.

It wasn’t until I faced my demons, that I could let them go and move on and live the extraordinary life I always had imagined for myself.

Now I can’t wait to help you live your extraordinary life too!


- Erin 

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Life is exactly 
what you dare to make it...


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