Operation Altitude

Reach new heights & become courageous in your thinking and actions, so that you can say “Yes” to life! 

What is Operation Altitude? 


We live in a time where it's more important than ever to find fulfilment and joy from the lives we lead, and the work that we do. 

However, it's also a time where we can easily give in to the demands of fear, because we lack the self belief we need to pursue what sets our souls alight. 


It’s common to feel stuck and unclear of your path ahead, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

It’s easy to allow these feelings to lead to overwhelm, anxiety and stress as you struggle to know the next step to take, and know where to gaze your focus. 


You aren’t defined by these feelings, they are simply a by-product of your current situation. 

When we feel stuck in a space, both personally and professionally, with no room to grow, or lacking the confidence to move forward, it can feel suffocating. 

Trust me, I’ve been there too.

My role is to help you to step out of your head, and into your heart, so that you can follow the calling of your inner lion, and allow it to guide you toward living a life of courage and purpose. 

My inner lion pushed me out of the shadows and head first into the path which was awaiting me; and now, I say “Yes” despite fear and lead others to do the same.   


Have you ever reflected on how your life and happiness are impacted by not finding your mission and sharing your gift with the world?

The number one regret of people on their death bed is that they didn’t follow their dreams because they either lacked the belief to do so, or appeased to the expectations of those around them.


Do you want to be one of these statistics? 

If not, read on! 


“I have changed from being a “NO person” to a “YES person”, when it comes to taking opportunities that will challenge me, move me outside my comfort zone, and allow me to take leaps forward in my personal growth and development.


It is so true that if you think within your capabilities, you won’t actually stretch yourself, and I have been stretched well and truly beyond what I thought were my limits, in the past year. The opportunities I have had to grow, as well as to set and then achieve my goals, have been made possible with Zoe’s teaching, support and belief in me”


- Jeanette

Who is Operation Altitude for? 


This program is for YOU if you are ready to become the achiever you know you are, by moving from living below the line, to above the line. 

You will work toward choosing courage over comfort, and understand that by doing so, you will learn to trust yourself and your purpose, and develop deeper levels of happiness and fulfillment in your life. 


Whether your purpose lies in your current role, passion project, or new business, I want to help you uncover your authentic gift and share it with the world! 

I am passionate about seeing things through – and I want to support your journey to unleashing your roar, and changing your life! 

I am here to back you, to guide you, and to turn you into a leader and inspirer of others. 

But in order to do so, here are some things you'll need to bring to the table: 


  • You are ready to get real and honest with yourself, and answer the hard questions!

  • You are ready to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people!

  • You are ready to take responsibility for yourself – your thoughts, behaviours and actions!

  • You choose to consciously respond, instead of react!

  • You want to do and achieve all the things that you never thought you were capable of!

  • You are ready to completely change your life! 

What will you learn?


Throughout the 6 month program, you will work toward unleashing your inner lion in your own time, working through all of the components which I believe builds courage, resilience, and true happiness. 

Working with me one on one, you will gain clarity around your values, your fears, your belief system and your identity to help you re-write the narrative and build confidence in your own abilities. You will define where you want to go, and begin to bridge the gap from where you are now, and create actionable steps and positive routines to enable you to move forward – whether that be personally or professionally. 

The Altitude Classrooms will focus on core topics to cement your learnings, and give you the opportunity to meet the rest of the pride, to enhance the feeling of support and accountability on your own personal journey. 

The end of program activity will be designed to help you step into your true identity and authenticity. It will require courage and mental strength, with which you will be already equipped  from your 6 months of learning and applying within the program. 

"With Zoe's help, I have been able to break-free, let go, trust, be bold with a plan and realistically move my dreams and aspirations into goals and action. I have been able transform from layers to deeply define my true identity and fearlessly adjust to being open and boldly vulnerable in that space.

I have full confidence and finding myself grounded in everything I have been called to in unique pioneering leadership, including becoming ‘CEO’ in all aspects of personal life.  It has been liberating to rapidly refine my purpose and identity to the fullest potential.

With thanks to Zoe, I am unleashed, unmasked, grounded and taking action towards achievement – growing out of inactivation and struggle.

I am consistently moving forward and growing in identity and achievements worth gold.

Zoe offers genuine mentorship and quality workmanship to transform lives in a space beyond our own fears, goals, experiences and abilities."

- Alisha


What's Included? 



  • 6 x Monthly 1:1 60 minute sessions via Zoom or face to face (in Warragul) 

  • Fortnightly 10 minute Power Calls to keep you on track 

  • Weekly Accountability check-ins via Email 

  • Access to email Zoe Monday - Friday with questions, concerns, or ideas (answered within 24 hours)

  • Access to the Operation Altitude Mentoring group on Facebook for support, motivation and resources 

  • 3 x ½ day Altitude Classrooms with Zoe and the group to learn, grow and enhance skills. Delivered face to face in Warragul (option to live stream if unable to attend)

  • A copy of Zoe’s book “Uncage the Lion Within” 

  • Zoe’s recommended reads during the program 

  • End of program activity to challenge your comfort zone (additional cost may be included)

  • The opportunity to shadow Zoe at events and workshops to enhance your speaking and communication skills 

  • The opportunity to continue with Zoe for an additional 6 months to deep dive even further



Unfortunately, applications for this program are currently closed. 

However, feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat further about how we can work together. 

zoe@zoehyde.com.au  |  Tel: 0431 428 424

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Life is exactly 
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