Build a healthy body to support your healthy mind, so that you can live a higher quality in your every day. 

What is Prime Performence


What we have found over the years of coaching people through a holistic transformation is one important factor: 

Your PHYSICAL BODY is a by-product of your health, your success, your happiness, and your ability to manage and regulate your everyday stress and pressures. 


Weight loss isn’t the answer to your problems, nor should it be the main area of focus. 

In fact, the main focus on your transformation to a better you should be driven by habits and consistency first and foremost. 

How we behave, how we think, and how we react are what drives the choices we make in our day to day life. By focussing on the inside (your health and your mindset) first, you will see drastic improvements in not only the way you feel, but the way in which you think and perform on a day to day basis! 


Your body is your vehicle to success, to adventure, and to the fun you have along the way. We don't believe in fighting with or punishing our bodies to achieve results - we believe in nourishing! 


The problem in today’s society is there is a lot of conflicting information, celebrities endorsing dangerous fad diets, and “experts” promoting their latest products in the bid to fill their pockets. 


We want to help you see clearly through this fog of information, so that you can learn to listen to you again, and focus on what your body is asking for. 

By doing so, you can perform to a higher level in your day to day and better juggle your work, your relationships, your family life and of course, YOURSELF! 

This will allow you to better maintain your energy levels throughout the day, have clear thinking, avoid the afternoon slump, regulate your stress and anxiety, and avoid burnout. Yes, food is medicine, however it is just one piece of our puzzle. 

"It was time to transform my body and mind, so I did!

I was questioning aspects of my health and desperately wanted to be stronger to improve my ability in my occupation. I found myself starting to look for an “easy” and “quick” way to address my health concerns, however, I also knew I needed to take responsibility for how I was feeling. I realized that I wanted to get myself right without the need for a quick fix or medical intervention, and that working on myself both physically and mentally would get me to where I wanted to be!

One year later, my primary goal of addressing my health concerns have been achieved. I am now physically capable of much more and I have the strength I desired. I am incredibly blessed to have Zoe’s support and belief in me to help me to achieve my goals. The best thing is that it’s really only the beginning of a transformed and healthy lifestyle that I absolutely love and am proud I have worked hard for!"

- Trish 

Who is Prime Performence for? 

This program is for achievers who are simply sick of feeling sick, who value longevity, and who understand that by looking at the “big picture” they can drastically improve their day to day performance. 


Yes, prime performance means that you can carry out your days with a clear head, open mind, and a high energy, which in turn will improve your productivity, your health, your relationships, and your ability to influence and lead. 

What will you learn?


Throughout the 8 week program, you will learn how to listen to your body again, so that you can write your own personal blueprint for success. 

Adopting a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, you will learn the best foods to eat and when, how to manage your stress, how to get the best results from the short time you have available to exercise, and how to improve your stress and energy levels. 

What's included? 



  • 8 x weekly emails which will link you to a landing page where you will receive information and videos relating to each week’s core topics. 

  • Weekly challenges and goals to help you focus on some core areas of your health and wellbeing.

  • Access to our private Facebook community where you can share recipes, information, and ask questions. 

  • Downloadable shopping lists, templates, and diaries to reflect how you are feeling. 

  • A manual full of information, education and recipes to help assist your learning. 

  • The opportunity to add additional accountability and check-ins with Zoe. 

  • The opportunity to continue for another 8 weeks. 

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