Zoe is also a motivational speaker, podcast hose and mentor, and has published her first book, “Uncage The Lion Within”.

This book is written for people, to help them find their purpose, find deeper levels of happiness (which we don’t find in materialistic possessions or our weight on the scales), and to let go of the beliefs, thoughts, or people which no longer help them on their quest to greatness.

Zoe is also available for freelance writing for your blog, magazine or publication.

Her work is currently featured in Gippsland Lifestyle Magazine and Gippslandia. 

“Holy Guacamole, what an amazingly insightful book! I just couldn’t put it down! Even with two young children I managed to finish it in one day, it was just that good! As someone who invests a huge amount of time into my own personal growth and development, I gained so many valuable insights, challenged my thinking and had the ultimate lightbulb moment whist reading Uncage the Lion within. This fantastic book helped me to uncover what has been holding me back all these years/ I feel empowered to finally unleash the amazing, authentic lion within me! #hearmeroar #watchoutworld

Uncage the Lion is so personably written with plenty of laugh out loud moments, some tears and a heck of a lot of fist pumps! I can’t recommend investing the time to read this amazing book! Thank you so much Zoe!”

- Kate 

"Hi Zoe, I finished reading your book just over a week ago now and thank you so much for opening my eyes, I definitely had a few light bulb moments whilst reading your book. 

The biggest for me was the realisation that my inner critic has pretty much controlled me for my whole life and I have always been shy and reserved (typical introvert).
I always thought that was just who I was but after getting married and building our first house, it’s been getting me thinking “what next”. I’m 24 and have achieved so much already and I’m not ready to have kids yet. But there’s always been that inner critic holding me back from exploring my true potential.
I believe your book is just what I needed to give me that nudge to start working on myself confidence and personal growth. I’m excited to read the book again and go into the action tasks more thoroughly. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction, it was very much needed in this point in my life xx”

- Terri




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